"One Way In, One Way Out"


We Are The World

Group Biography:

In the fourth quarter 2007, the beginning of something more powerful than man would ever know had emerged from a chance meeting between individuals whom under different circumstances may have never met. On a cold night in December, the overwhelming vibe coming from the speakers of a near-by sedan caught the ear of then solo artist The Mann who felt a need to know who and what he was listening to.

After getting the attention of the men in the vehicle, one of them (Randy Mac) told Mann that it was his voice accompanied by the talents of long-time friend, Kaiyo (aka Pimpalicious) that was blasting from the car radio. After a brief conversation between Mann and Randy Mac, it was agreed that they must collaborate on at least one song together and Mann insisted that Pimpalicious be included.

A few days later, after recording their firsts few of what soon became many songs together, it was mutually agreed upon that the three of them should continue to what they were doing as a team. Although it was never before then even considered, the time came when they had to come up with a name for their new joint venture. This wasn’t an easy task but yet not that hard either.

Moments passed. They knew that they were on the same page in where they wanted to go and how they wanted to be recognized. It only seemed right that the name reflect at least that much.

Where did they want to go? How far should their recognition reach? The answer is, and they are…WorldWide.

About WorldWide:

Worldwide was founded in 2007 by the members The Mann, Pimpalicious, and KC. This group’s dynamic styles and talent brought them together after collaborating on their first project. Their backgrounds, similarities, and differences are what make up Worldwide. Their goals are to become known and well respected in the music industry locally and worldwide for the talents they posses and have developed working together using a mixture of Hip Hop and R&B tracks. The talents that all three members contribute include writing, producing, and singing. They have held several local shows and events around the Dallas/ ft. Worth Metroplex like The Curtain Club, Star Lounge, etc.

Booking Info:

Please contact Mr. Dedrick Carr for booking information.

Phone: 214-622-7196 or 214-843-1663
Email: dedrick.carr@onedeepent.com